I’m sure you’ve heard as much as I have about the wonders of modern medicine, and how we are all living longer, happier, healthier lives because of it.

Well, that’s funny because according to official sources healthcare is the third leading cause of death and life expectancy has been going down since 2014!

That’s not all. Despite spending


on healthcare: 

Cancer has tripled since the 70s,

Diabetes is skyrocketing,

Arthritis is endemic, Heart Disease is epidemic,

Alzheimer’s disease is through the roof,

Autism has reached unprecedented levels,

Obesity is off the charts,

the rates of multiple sclerosis, lupus, asthma, and migraines, have all hit the ceiling!

Do you want to find out why and what we can do about it? 

You should – because unless we change something about the way we look at health care we are going to live shorter lives than our parents – and maybe even our grandparents.

Discover the Lies used to sell Dangerous and Ineffective Treatments that are ruining your health and emptying your pocketbook!

It’s one thing to know a few political points to argue with friends. It’s another to really understand what’s going on and how to avoid poisoning yourself!

This eBook exposes the most widely held myths about Pharma – and teaches you what you can do to take your health into your own hands. 

Your contributions fund the writing of my full-length expose of, and solution to, the healthcare system: 

None Dare Call it Quackery

Antony Sammeroff is a psychotherapist and economist from Glasgow, Scotland. Best known as author of Universal Basic Income – For and Against (2019), his forthcoming book he exposes how corrupt institutions in mainstream medicine are bound to turn out bad science and harmful treatments. What’s more he shows how we can reclaim our health one by one, and in doing so fix the system itself.